A Principal in the firm, Janice leads Eckler’s financial wellness consulting group and consults on Capital Accumulation Plans. Janice is fueled by her passion for designing effective plans and providing the support members need to reach their financial goals.

Janice works with some of the largest Canadian organizations. Since joining Eckler in 2004, she established and grew the CAP practice into one of the leading consultancies in the country. Janice helps CAP sponsors design programs that achieve the best possible outcomes by:

  • guiding clients in establishing governance structures,
  • creating and refining plan design,
  • selecting and monitoring record keepers, and
  • developing and adjusting investment offerings over time.

She uses her years of working with CAP members, and studies in behavioural finance and personal finance to inform and inspire the financial wellness solutions Eckler provides.  Her extensive knowledge and experience working with member-directed plans is reflected in the innovative suite of tools and approaches Janice developed to help support employees as they build their financial confidence and security.

Janice is committed to increasing Canadians’ financial security and is driven to find effective ways to engage and motivate human behaviour. She regularly contributes to industry publications and is a frequent speaker at conferences and events.

Areas of Expertise

  • Capital accumulation plans (CAPs)
  • Defined contribution plan administration
  • Defined contribution plan design
  • Defined contribution plan governance
  • Financial planning
  • Financial wellness
  • Investments
  • Member communications
  • Member engagement
  • Retirement readiness

Professional Qualifications

Professional Qualifications
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, major in Finance, minor Economics
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
Professional Activities
  • Served as a member of the CPBI Ontario Regional Council

Thought Leadership

Janice contributes her insights to a variety of publications and conferences. She is also quoted in the media. Here’s just a sampling:

Financial stress is costing companies billions in lost productivity
CBC Radio – November 17, 2022

ACPM Roundtable Broadcast: Achieving Financial Wellness – Panelist
Association of Canadian Pension Management – November 2021

How employers can support employees’ financial literacy, wellness amid DIY-investing craze
Benefits Canada – March 2021

2020 CAP Suppliers Report: Stretching into the financial wellness space
Benefits Canada – December 2020

DC Plans in the Time of COVID-19
ACPM Roundtable Broadcast Event – October 2020

How to ease pension plan member anxiety if they can’t access their funds
Canadian Investment Review – April 2020

Lessons for Canada from the U.K.’s cap on DC investment fees
Benefits Canada – March 2020

Managing a capital accumulation plan through COVID-19
Canadian Investment Review & Benefits Canada – March 2020

Retirement readiness – how should employers help?
Your Workplace, March – April 2020

Making a commitment to improve employee financial wellness
ACPM – The Observer – October 2019

New pension paradigm needed to better serve employees: Report
Canadian HR Reporter – July 2019

2019 CAP Member Survey: Helping each generation on their retirement journey
Benefits Canada – May 2019

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