Pension and Benefits Technology Solutions

This team’s priority?

The creation of an exceptional user experience – one that successfully enables plan sponsors to fulfill their fiduciary obligations, while supporting a relevant, educational and highly authentic plan member experience.

From plan administration to gamification, our ever-evolving technology toolkit places security of personalized data at the forefront. The development and deployment of custom, Canadian-hosted, software solutions is further augmented with specialized consulting services related to vendor and tool selection – enabled through the deep expertise of the team’s fully qualified consulting actuaries, and further supported by colleagues with extensive domain and programming talent.

Our services include

  • Sophisticated plan design and real-time modelling + analytics tools
  • Website development (mobile-friendly, static, dynamic, personalized experiences), including mobile app development
  •  Data collection and administration systems
  • Portal access – enabling strong plan governance
  • Member pension projection and retirement readiness planning tools
  • Guided Outcomes™: Financial Wellness Solutions
  • Online pension, benefits, total rewards statements
  • Software consulting

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