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Investment Consulting

Independent, unbiased investment counsel.

Why should that matter to you? Because being independent from an investment perspective means we provide investment advice, but we don’t manage money. And that means our advice regarding investment solutions is uniquely conflict-free.

As a fiduciary, it’s advice you can use to develop an investment program and then prudently manage it.

Risk management?

Yes–through the development of reasonable and appropriate investment objectives, establishing long-term asset allocation strategies, developing investment policies and procedures, defining and creating implementation plans, selecting investment managers and funds, and evaluating and monitoring portfolio performance, to name a few.

We also conduct asset/liability studies and portfolio analyses, using state-of-the art methods and technology.

Our investment consulting services include:

  • Governance and fiduciary education
  • Investment policy development
  • Asset/liability modelling, including liability-driven investment consulting
  • Manager review, search and selection
  • Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) advisory, search consulting and performance monitoring
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Performance measurement
  • Capital accumulation plans (CAP) consulting
  • Research and due diligence
  • Implementation services
  • Member education and tools

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