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Your workforce is your greatest asset and a meaningful total rewards program, combined with a holistic compensation philosophy, will ensure a people-forward vision that also realizes your organization’s goals.

The needs and demands of the modern workforce are changing. The right compensation and total rewards strategy will not only attract and retain top talent – it can transform the performance of your organization.

As trusted advisors, we will assess all key elements of your compensation package through a client-focused and customized approach. We’ll work with you on a sustainable program design that’s structured around your objectives, reflects your company culture, and signals to your employees that they’re valued.


Why compensation matters

An effective compensation program aligns the needs of the business with total rewards.  Through optimum design, we help uncover and strategize how you will pay to secure talent.  A well-thought-out compensation program will leverage your budget to pay competitively, reward fairly and manage pay perceptions.

From market surveys and benchmarking to salary structure development and job evaluation tools, our experts draw on their extensive experience and insights to provide advice that goes beyond the numbers.

Core service areas

A navy blue icon with a silhouette of the head and shoulders of a person in a circle with three stars beneath to represent executive compensation strategies.
Executive Compensation

Working with boards and senior leadership we design executive pay programs that adopt sound governance, are defensible and strike a balance between pay, performance and role accountability.

A navy blue icon with a silhouette of a person standing in front of a set of gears to represent broad-based, or total rewards, compensation strategies.
Broad-based Compensation

We cover all employee levels and find the balance to address internal, external, and individual equity needs.  Presenting a complete rewards perspective, we help elevate the employee value proposition.

A navy blue icon of a digital device with data in screen representing market surveys.
Market Surveys

We design and execute custom salary and HR practice surveys, ensuring organizations are equipped with up-to-date insights to guide informed decision-making.

Services cover: 

  • Compensation philosophy and total rewards strategy
  • Compensation program assessment
  • Market benchmarking
  • Variable/incentive pay design and administration
  • Pay for performance analysis
  • Job evaluation and classification
  • Pay equity support
  • Pay governance and administration guidelines
  • Custom compensation surveys
  • Market insights and research on salary budget planning and HR practices/trends
  • Board governance and remuneration
  • Executive compensation reviews
  • Compensation disclosure
  • Total compensation statements and communications
  • Special situations (i.e., Mergers and Acquisitions, Initial Public Offerings, Key Employee Retention Programs, etc.)

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