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Aligning your organization’s benefits programs with your organizational needs, and balancing it against an ever-evolving workforce and legislative environment can be tricky business.

But we’ve got you covered. Our team of more than 25 consultants and analysts are experts in designing benefits programs that meet the needs of plan sponsors in all business sectors and workforces across Canada. We serve corporate, public sector, broader public sector and trusteed clients with programs covering 50 lives or more and a range of plan or workforce complexity.

Our goal? To help optimize the investment you make in your benefits to ensure you are managing the financial risk and getting the most out of your program, while ensuring that your people perceive the investment as a highly valued part of their total compensation.

From plan design, to funding and administration of group benefit arrangements for single- and multi-employer plans, we address each organization’s unique opportunities and needs with solutions that are specifically tailored to you.

What we do:

Advisory services:
  • Strategic guidance on benefit plan design and financing arrangements
Vendor management:
  • Daily support or coordination of insurers and administrator services to the benefit plan
  • Auditing, analyzing or estimating future plan costs of renewals, experience rating, stop loss modelling, collective bargaining or plan redesign
Benefit plan governance and risk mitigation:
  • Established best practices and legislative knowledge for optimal plan management
Plan management:
  • Prepare, maintain and/or update all plan documentation including contracts, policies and booklets and plan summaries
Actuarial valuations of group benefit plans:
  • Valuations for accounting purposes in accordance with Canadian, US or International Accounting Standards
  • Valuations for funding or financial position analyses or reserve analyses

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