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At Eckler, we believe that people and businesses everywhere deserve to secure and safeguard their future. While a good retirement plan is a key component, we believe in a broader vision and a more holistic approach. With Guided Outcomes™, employees get the tools and insights they need to set, plan and obtain their financial goals. Employers get the analytics they need to make strategic decisions that support employee financial health and achieve organizational objectives.

Guided Outcomes™ journey for plan members

Financial wellness curriculum

this image shows the three streams of activity to complete the Guided Outcomes journey. The first purple block says GO start, how rich are you? The green block says GO Dream, what do you dream of? the last blue block, GO plan says enter your spending to help you reach your dreams.





Our Guided Outcomes™ curriculum is a modular, multi-channel solution (webinars, in-person seminars, one-to-one coaching, web-based tools) that addresses the full spectrum of financial wellness to give members the information and confidence they need achieve financial stability and retirement readiness. Employers can choose from packaged “off-the-shelf” solutions as well as a-la-carte or fully customized solutions to meet their objectives.

Personalized retirement statements

The number one question Canadians have about retirement is “how much do I need?”. They struggle to figure out how much to save so they can continue their current lifestyle in retirement.

Based on Dr. Bonnie-Jeanne MacDonald’s research on Canadians’ retirement income security,
Guided Outcomes™ personalized member statements provide each member with their unique
Living Standard Replacement Rate to measure their ability to maintain their personal living standard in retirement.  With their personalized statement in-hand, members have the information they need to make informed decisions on how to achieve their retirement goals.

Watch the short video below to learn more about the Living Standard Replacement Rate.

Guided Outcomes™ for employers

A sample bar graph and pie chart titled Member distribution by probability of hitting income target.Retirement income adequacy is a growing concern for Canadians. It’s more important than ever to understand what your plan delivers so you can make sure your members get what they need from it. Guided Outcomes™ provides the analytics to assess, strategize and implement solutions so your workforce can achieve their retirement goals. By marrying your existing HR information and data from your plan administrator, we use sophisticated analytics using an award-winning economic scenario generator to illustrate the likelihood of your plan members achieving their personal Living Standard Replacement Rate. Detailed analysis (by salary levels, tenure, age, or division) gives you the critical information you need to make strategic decisions about which actions can help close the gaps for plan members while achieving your organizational objectives.

You can learn more about how Guided Outcomes™ can help you understand how well your plan is preparing your workforce for retirement in the video below.

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