Challenges for Women and Financial Wellness

Challenges for Women and Financial Wellness

Research tells us that women face more challenges than men when it comes to saving for retirement. In this short video, Eckler’s Roland Chiwetelu outlines those challenges. On this International Women’s Day, we encourage plan sponsors to look for creative ways to help the women on their team secure a strong financial future. We can help! Reach out to us today.

Download our infographic to learn why financial wellness for women matters – now more than ever.

Only 31% of women and 43% of men consider themselves financially knowledgeable. Lack of financial literacy can lead to significant stress and impact work performance.

Financial Wellness infographicEmployers who make a commitment to financial education see more engaged and productive employees.

Everyone deserves a financially secure future but more than half of working-age Canadian Women haven’t even started saving for retirement or know how much they plan to save. With longer life expectancies, caregiver responsibilities, career breaks and, generally, less confidence with making investment decisions, women face unique challenges when it comes to saving and investing for the future. Financial education at work can make an important difference.