espace ®

Streamlined data and content collaboration

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Simplicity is key

espace® prioritizes a straightforward and intuitive user interface, enabling users to quickly adapt and collaborate.

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Tailored to your needs

espace® offers full customization, allowing seamless integration of your branding for consistent representation.

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Limitless scalability

espace® adapts to user storage requirements, accommodating files up to hundreds of gigabytes and millions of files and folders, without folder depth limitations.


Our groups feature offers a user-friendly permission model for traditional file and folder management, without the added complexity of nested permissions. Users can subscribe to groups to receive activity alerts, set expiration dates, and generate share links for temporary content access. Benefit from the versioning feature for files, plus each group comes with its dedicated trash bin, making it easy to recover from accidental deletions.


espace® offers secure, confidential, and user-friendly private communication with the flexibility to include file attachments of any size. Users can engage in conversations that span years, while espace® retains a complete history, including user membership changes, title alterations, and more. Messages are immutable, ensuring that they can only be removed shortly after creation. Additionally, users have the option to export conversations as PDFs, with start and end dates, providing an offline copy when needed. There is also the option to download all the attached files.


Easily manage and organize structured data with our intuitive and flexible system. Create simple tables for tasks like to-do lists, contact information, and reference tables, all with a variety of data type options. Attach files of any size directly to entries, allowing you to associate relevant information effortlessly.

Content Management System

Enjoy a user-friendly and intuitive approach to document and rich content management with espace®. Our simple interface leverages Markdown for creating rich content areas capable of housing documents, images, hyperlinks, and embedded videos. You have the flexibility to make these areas either public or private.

Multiple languages

Support for multiple languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Simplified Chinese

Sync and simplify

Our desktop application enables users with intricate folder structures or the need for local data access to effortlessly keep their data in sync on their device.

On-the-go conversations

The mobile application empowers super users to effortlessly stay connected with conversations and efficiently manage discussions across spaces.

Custom integrations

Seamlessly integrate with your current systems, website, and tools as needed.


Reports are generated on a regular basis to assist administrators in properly operating their system in accordance with their policies.

User access control

espace® also provides flexible configuration options, including the enforcement of multi-factor authentication (MFA) in various forms, to meet a wide range of security requirements.


espace® prioritizes security by implementing robust encryption for both data in transit and at rest. Our access control model is designed to be simple yet highly effective, ensuring that users can only access data for which they have explicit permission.

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