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January 29, 2019

Eckler Ltd. acquires Employee Financial Well-Being, expanding financial wellness capabilities

Eckler Ltd., Canada's largest privately-owned consulting and actuarial firm, announces that it recently acquired Employee Financial Well-Being, Canada's leading independent financial wellness company.

Since 2011, Employee Financial Well-Being (EFW) has provided financial education and training to employees across Canada. With a focus on foundational financial education and employee engagement, EFW has distinguished itself through its ability to enable Canadians to take realistic, actionable steps to improve their financial well-being.

Eckler feels strongly that as Canadians are presented with benefits that require them to make decisions, there is a need to increase unbiased education. "Eckler's acquisition of EFW is another meaningful commitment to help Canadians improve their financial security," says Janice Holman, Principal and leader of the Defined Contribution and Financial Wellness practices at Eckler.

She adds, "While Eckler's roots are in helping Canadians secure retirement income, we've recognized that in today's consumption-based world, teaching Canadians the foundation of money management is key to help them achieve the lifestyle they want, both today and in retirement."

"Eckler is a perfect fit for the types of services EFW offers," says Frank Wiginton, CEO, Employee Financial Well-Being. "EFW has prided itself on its ability to engage and educate members from a holistic perspective, the same approach Eckler takes with its service offerings. It is equally important that Eckler engages clients without any biases or conflicts – a philosophy EFW has embraced since we opened our doors. We look forward to leveraging Eckler's deep retirement, benefits and communications expertise to nationally broaden our leading financial education."

Helping employees reduce their financial stress and feel financially secure will lead to exponential rewards for the employer. Outcomes include decreased stress and absenteeism, and increased productivity – a significant return on investment for the employer.

Want to learn more about how we can help your employees and plan members achieve a better quality of life? Visit us at: or contact Frank Wiginton at 416-696-3058 |, or Janice Holman at 416-696-3061 |

About Eckler Ltd. (

Eckler Ltd. is a leading consulting and actuarial firm with offices across Canada and the Caribbean. Owned and operated by its active Principals, the company has earned a reputation for service continuity and high professional standards. Its select group of consultants offer excellence in a wide range of areas, including pensions, benefits, communications, investment management, pension administration, change management, technology and financial services. Eckler Ltd. is also a founding member of Abelica Global – an international alliance of independent actuarial and consulting firms operating in over 20 countries.

About Employee Financial Well-Being 

Employee Financial Well-Being (EFW) is Canada's leading independent employee financial education company, providing unbiased financial education that participants can understand and that will influence behavioural change. EFW's programs are designed with the outcome in mind and address several areas, including personal finance basics, severance, benefits, pension education, financial planning, the psychology of retiring, and retirement income planning.