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Guided Outcomes™

We’re rooted in helping Canadians safeguard their financial future, continually seeking new ways to help improve their financial wellness.

How can we help Canadians achieve true financial wellbeing? Through the activation of a holistic planning methodology that will enable them to take care of their financial health, contributing to improved mental and physical health.

Exclusive to Eckler, Guided Outcomes™ (GO) is our innovative defined contribution plan management solution, offering you what you need to help your employees set – and achieve – a realistic target retirement income related to their own retirement dreams, and not some arbitrarily set target.

Flexible and adaptable, GO can be instrumental in helping to evaluate the health of your plans, optimize the investment you’re making and – equally important – to engage members, without them having to touch a single calculator or provide any information.

Designed around the principle that there must be a way to achieve better member outcomes without requiring member involvement, GO is that better way.

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