Resilience in the Canadian pension risk transfer market

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Pension Risk Transfer Report – July 2021

Welcome to the fourth edition of Eckler’s Canadian Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) Report. This year’s report includes special commentary on the impact of COVID-19, observations gained from our expertise in risk transfer consulting and key insights gathered from our discussions with insurers active in the Canadian PRT market.

In this report:

  • 2020: Resilience in the Canadian PRT market 
    Insurers continue to demonstrate a willingness to transact, despite volatile markets.
  • Pension de-risking: Preparing for an annuity purchase 
    Is now a good time to buy annuities?
  • What does COVID-19 mean for pensioner longevity? 
    A look beyond the number of pandemic-related deaths

To keep you up to date on the PRT market players and help you make sense of the PRT terminology, we have also included:

  • Historical transactions: A list of publicly announced large ($250M+) and jumbo ($750M+) annuity and longevity risk transfer transactions.
  • Insurer fact sheets: Quick reference guide to the insurers currently active in the Canadian PRT market
  • PRT glossary: Definitions of key terms

Wherever you are on the de-risking journey, Eckler’s 2021 Canadian PRT Report provides the information and critical insights you need to make informed decisions along the way.