Navigating the Canadian pension risk transfer market

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Pension Risk Transfer Report – March 2019

In this, our second Canadian Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) Report, we have assembled four thought pieces based on our discussions and interviews with each of the insurers active in the Canadian PRT market – our own insights on our expertise gained through risk transfer consulting.

1. Market overview: A summary of recent growth and performance, and a recap on the risk takers active in the market

2. PRT market trends: A discussion on the trends and factors that may shape the future

3. Preparing for success: the realities of PRT transactions: Given the complexity of the risk transfer decision, we explore the ways in which plan sponsors can ensure a rewarding PRT experience

4. Measuring longevity better: A summary of an in-depth investigation of the factors that best explain why different types of pensioners live to different ages

To keep you up to date on the various PRT market players and decipher the PRT lexicon, the Appendices at the end of the report include:

Insurer fact sheets – Your quick reference guide to the insurers currently active in the Canadian
PRT market

A PRT glossary – Definitions of key terms, from buy-outs to buy-ins to boomerang risk


Regardless of where you are on the de-risking journey – whether it be education, investigation or implementation – this second annual report continues to offer key insights, knowledge and resources to support you in the achievement of your risk transfer goals.