Life Insurance

Rigorously Professional

Our key focus is to help our clients achieve their financial objectives by providing them with professional excellence, objectivity, and practical solutions on a timely basis in an evolving global marketplace. Our Financial Services consultants have been involved in a large variety of insurance and insurance-related projects in Canada and throughout the Caribbean, as well as internationally. We provide services to life insurance companies, reinsurers, and other financial institutions such as banks, trusts, and credit unions.

We help our clients grow their revenue and gain a competitive advantage by monitoring the latest trends, issues, regulations, tax laws and research within the insurance industry. This focus on staying current within the rapidly evolving insurance landscape allows us to provide our clients with thoughtful, timely, independent counsel to help them better identify market opportunities, strategies, and challenges, while protecting against financial risks.

From our Caribbean offices, we provide services to captive life insurance companies and to international finance companies, as well as to local life insurance companies. We have the largest actuarial presence in the Caribbean, with offices in Barbados and Jamaica, and professionals consulting to Caribbean clients from our offices in Canada.

We also support governments, government agencies, insurance regulators, auditors, and other supranational banking and public policy agencies.
For more information contact:
Toronto & International: Sylvain Goulet
Montréal: Luc Farmer
Barbados: Sylvain Goulet
Jamaica: Sylvain Goulet