Our Legacy

Creative Thinkers

As one of the country's longest established practices, we take pride in our history and our legacy of actuarial excellence and professional integrity. Over the years, our client base has been diverse in both geographic location and type. Our benefits consulting practice includes manufacturers, retailers, service organizations, financial institutions, insurance companies, governments, universities, member groups, labour organizations and multi-employer groups. Among our financial services clientele are insurance companies and other financial institutions, government agencies, and professional associations.

Today, a significant portion of our consulting business focuses on large clients with complex issues and multiple divisions. Through these challenging projects, we gain special insights and offer solutions that dare us to be different. This is what separates us from the rest. We also work closely with not for profits and labour unions, which gives us a deep understanding of the community and the importance of strong employee and industrial relations in a competitive business setting.

Beyond Numbers: The History of Eckler Ltd.

Released in the spring of 2013, Beyond Numbers: The History of Eckler Ltd. provides not only a history of the firm, but tells the story of a successful "family" of committed professionals - and a quietly remarkable business that has flourished based largely on an unwavering commitment to the values established by Sam Eckler so many years ago.