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A growing number of Canadian defined contribution (DC) pension plan sponsors are facing the same serious problem: their members are not saving enough for retirement. This can result in employees who can’t retire on time, causing workforce planning issues and additional benefit and productivity costs for employers. Research tells us that most employees don’t know how much they should be saving – but that they’d likely save more if they knew.

At Eckler, we believe a progressive approach to DC management is needed to give members a realistic chance of achieving an appropriate level of income at retirement.

Guided Outcomes

Eckler has been providing clients with unbiased, unparalleled actuarial and pension advice for almost 90 years. We’ve applied that experience and expertise to analyzing how defined contribution (DC) pension plan members are tracking towards adequate retirement income. The result is Guided OutcomesTM (GO) – an extremely progressive retirement plan management tool.

GO enables you to practice best-in-class governance by helping you understand how your DC plan is performing – and whether your plan members will be able to retire on time.

Guided OutcomesTM is an award-winning tool, designed to help employers like you get the most out of the considerable investment you’re making in your retirement plans. It leverages the work of a Canadian researcher to uncover the amount needed for each unique employee to retire comfortably, and then looks at the likelihood of members achieving those personal goals. 

Leading Canadian organizations are using GO to evaluate the health of their plans, optimize the investment they are making and engage members. All of this is completed without members having to touch a single calculator or provide any information. In fact, GO was designed around the principle that there must be a way to achieve better member outcomes without requiring member involvement. 

Experience tells us that if member involvement is limited to the factors they can control – such as contribution levels and retirement age – their engagement with the plan and with their employer actually increases. 

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Our broader DC consulting services include:

  • Plan design
  • Investment structures, funds, implementation and ongoing monitoring
  • Record-keeper selection and monitoring of products, services and fees
  • Member education and tools
  • Decumulation product and tool evaluation
  • Retirement planning and counselling
  • Annuity evaluation and purchase support
  • Governance

Defined contribution (DC) plans include pension plans, deferred profit sharing plans, group registered retirement savings plans and tax-free savings accounts. They can also be referred to as Capital Accumulation Plans.